Indulgent Labor Day Recipes to Celebrate a Well-Earned Day Off

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Indulgent Labor Day Recipes to Celebrate a Well-Earned Day Off

Labor Day has been a thing since 1882—so just slightly older than Sunset. It was federalized in 1894 by the government to recognize those who work in laborious jobs and offer them a day off to show that their contribution to society doesn’t go unnoticed. The original proposal for the holiday suggested parades be held alongside activities for workers and their families to enjoy. Floats made their way down main streets and speeches were given by prominent figures in the labor movement. Following the industrial revolution, the majority of Americans were working class and could definitely benefit from a break. Labor Day served as a day to rest and relax, as well as commemorate the strides made in the late 1800s for fair wages, working conditions, and quality of life. 

Now, the federal holiday is celebrated by sleeping in, throwing down on the grill, and swapping stories over drinks with friends or colleagues. While many summertime holidays are celebrated with a barbecue or get-together, Labor Day comes at the perfect time to pay homage to the warm months that came before it. With a bounty of produce in season—like peaches, pears, mint, basil, mushrooms, and more—for your spreads and sides, the opportunities for snacking are endless.

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite recipes for Labor Day that take advantage of ingredients that are not only indulgent but also in season for your well-deserved day off. 



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