New Music Friday: Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ, Rachel Platten

There’s no better way to celebrate it being Friday than with all new songs from your favorite artists. No matter what type of music you’re in the mood for, there’s a brand new track to help fill that void. From Miley Cyrus to Thoma Rhett to Gucci Mane and Neck Deep, there’s something for everyone.

Here are the 10 new songs everyone should be adding to their Friday playlist.

Miley Cyrus – “Younger Now”

The 24-year-old singer is celebrating #FlashbackFriday with the release of her new single “Younger Now” off her upcoming album. Cyrus also dropped the music video for the track, which flashes back to an era before she was even born, but still an era of which she gains musical inspiration from.

Aly & AJ – “Take Me”

That’s right, Aly & Aj are back with their first single in 10 years, “Take Me,” and its sound will take your breath away. It’s a bit less bubblegum-pop for the “Potential Breakup Song” singers and a little more indie-pop, but just as enticing and catchy. It’ll reel you and have you hitting that replay button.

Rachel Platten – “Broken Glass”

The “Fight Song” singer returns with yet another empowering track about coming out on the other side stronger and fighting through the pain of whatever’s bringing you down. Not to sound like a broken record, but this is a record that should be added to you must-listen list.

Echosmith – “Future Me”

The sibling band proves they are all cool kids with this new track that feeds on self-confidence and the knowledge of who one wants to be. If the sound and lyrics weren’t freeing enough, the band simultaneously released its music video which is a breath of fresh air.

Novi feat. Tyler Blackburn – “Long Day”

With “Pretty Little Liars” over, star Tyler Blackburn is able to focus on another love of his: music. He joins electronic/pop singer Novi on a brand new track, “Long Day,” to show off his raspy, inviting voice. The track is filled with rhythmic beats and enchanting vocals from the duo.

Thomas Rhett – “Grave”

Rhett does what he does best on his new track; sing with ease, soul and beauty. It’s a classic country single that you’ll want to listen over and over again until you can’t listen to anything anymore. The single is simple and soothing, and nothing more is needed.

CNCO & Little Mix – “Reggaeton Lento (Remix)”

In what we all need in our lives, Little Mix’s latest single is a girl-group-meets-boy-band hit with Latin American group CNCO. The song features English and Spanish singing, so if you’ve been craving to hear Little Mix sing in Spanish, then you’ve finally gotten your wish in this fun, new track.

Gucci Mane feat. Migos – “I Get The Bag”

Migos throws down his lyrics with ease as he accompanies the sound of Mane’s usual free-flowing vibe on this new single off Mane’s upcoming album “Mr. Davis.” It’s a track to blast as you wait for the new album, as well as Mane’s upcoming autobiography.

Neck Deep – “In Bloom”

From their new album “The Peace And The Panic,” blooms Neck Deep’s track “In Bloom” gives off the pop-punk feels of the genre’s golden age. It’s a perfect reminder of why the category is so enticing and exciting, and why it’s needed in everyone’s lives.

Ryan Follese – “Lose A Little Sleep”

While his name might not sound all too familiar on his own, Follese previously released music as part of the band Hot Chelle Rae with Nash Overstreet and Jamie Follese. Now he’s just released his solo, self-titled album debut and this song is its beautiful single. The track will have you laying awake just thinking about it, and listening to it over and over again. You might lose a little sleep because of it, but the lovely lyrics and smooth sound will make it worth it.

New Music Friday: Miley Cyrus, Aly & AJ, Rachel Platten
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