Pictures Mass shooting in Las Vegas

Pictures Mass shooting in Las Vegas

More than 50 people have been killed and hundreds injured in a mass shooting at a concert.

woman and man crouching

The gunman was on the 32nd floor of a hotel across the road from an open air concert.

people scrambling over barriers and hiding behind them

Witnesses said hundreds of shots were fired into an event with 22,000 people attending.

people carrying a person and running

Witnesses described “chaos” as festival-goers tried to escape the area

woman and man running

People fled the scene in terror as the attack unfolded.

four people in festival clothes talking to a man in high vis

Police asked some people to stay in place, and told the public to stay away from the Las Vegas Strip

pair of cowboy boots on street

The shooting happened on the third and final day of a country music festival.

armed police officers walking outside casino on Las Vegas Strip

Police said the sole suspect, Stephen Paddock, shot and killed himself in a hotel room full of guns.

police with faces visible looking tense on street

A person thought to have been travelling with Paddock was later found outside the country.

police with man on knees

Streets in the area were on lockdown and police stopped this man after he drove down Tropicana Avenue.

man and woman with a sheet around them standing on the street

People were locked out of their hotels as police carried out investigations.

People, some with sheets around them, being directed by a man in a high-vis jacket

A local arena opened its doors for people who were unable to return to their hotel-casinos.

holes in windows seen from afar

When the sun rose, holes were visible in the windows on the 32nd floor, where the gunman hid out during the attack.


Source : BBC News

Pictures Mass shooting in Las Vegas
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