Top Best 6 X 9 Speakers For Your Car 2017

Top Best 6 X 9 Speakers For Your Car 2017

Do you want to upgrade the sound system in your car and purchase the best 6×9 speakers? 6 x 9 speakers are truly the best thing for a car if you are looking for a robust entertainment system which makes music totally enjoyable. If you are looking for an audio system that will be able to reproduce the music really well then look for 6 x 9 speakers which can produce good quality sound and you will find it a lot more efficient than the subwoofers and the amplifiers. They fit snugly behind the backseat – and do most of the work when it comes to quality sound reproduction. The better the quality of the speakers the more enjoyable your car audio system will be. This is why we have a list of 2017’s best 6 x 9 speakers which you must consider if you are planning to upgrade the sound system in your car.

The Top Best 6×9 Speakers 2017

Best 6×9 Speaker With Excellent Sound Quality

JBL P963 3 way power series speakers


If you need some real horsepower for your car’s audio system, the P963 by JBL will not disappoint you. The rich quality of the sound produced by these speakers is one of the main reasons why we love this. It features 92dB sensitivity, ensuring that loud music does not sound distorted. With a frequency response between 40Hz and 23,000 Hz, these speakers are totally worth the price you pay for it.

From $64.39

Best 6×9 Speaker For Bass Under $100

Infinity Reference X REF-9603ix 3 way car speakers


The polypropylene woofer cones of these speakers let you enjoy bass of the best quality with absolutely no distortion even at lower frequencies. The speakers peak at 600 watts per pair and are one of the best replacement you can get for your car’s factory-fit audio system. If you are planning an upgrade for your car’s audio system, this can be a great place to start.

From $81.31

One Of The Best 6×9 Speaker For Bass With Great Features

Hertz ECX-690.5 3 Way Energy Series Coaxial Speakers


Hertz is preferred by a lot of car owners because of their trusty products when it comes to speakers and subwoofers. The ECX-690.5 truly resonates this fact about Hertz in its outstanding audio quality. It has a tweeter and a super tweeter which are designed to reproduce a wide range of sounds very effectively. If you are willing to pay for a good entertainments system, then these speakers are great for your car and are considered to be the best 6 x 9 speakers for bass.

From $179.99

Best 6×9 Speaker Built With High-Quality Material

Boss Audio MRWT69 Marine 4 way 550 watt Waketower


This is a speaker for someone who is looking for durability and a good audio system. The single speaker is built from materials which ensure that it will not corrode easily which makes it weatherproofed. You will not have to worry about the sun rays affecting this speaker because its exterior shell has an ultraviolet coating which makes the sun harmless for it. It is a great entertainment system for your car and it can peak up to 550 watts. Users love the fact that it can stand a substantial amount of wear and tear without showing signs of damage in the quality of the sound reproduced.

From $76.99

Best 6×9 Speaker For Bass Under $50

Rockford Fosgate R169X3


These aftermarket speakers are one of the best that you can get without spending too much. So if you are looking for a 6 x 9 speaker in a budget, then this can be a good option. The speakers produce awesome bass. It features a vacuum polypropylene cone and rubber surround with the Pietzo tweeter mounted on the silk dome pole. It is a splendid set of speakers which cost under $50 and if you thought speakers had to be expensive to sound good then you must take a look at one of these and you may change your mind.

From $49.99

Best 6×9 Speaker To Enjoy Audio Without Any Distortion

JL Audio C2-690TX 3 Way Speakers with Silk Dome Tweeters


If you are ready to replace the factory speakers of your car, consider the JL C2-690TX because of the amazing sound reproduction. The full tones of bass and the perfect sound of the tweeters make these speakers a pure delight for car owners looking for a good quality audio system for their car.

From $134.95

Best Bass 6×9 Speaker To Enjoy Audio At Peak Volume

Alpine SPR-69 2 way coaxial speakers


The responsiveness of these speakers are one of the reasons why they are so popular among the car owners looking for quality 6 x 9 speakers with good bass. The speakers are designed to handle a peak volume of 300 watts each and it features a large square wire dual-layer voice coil which helps in enhancing the quality of the sound. The speakers are built to recreate sound very accurately and give your car a splendid entertainment system.

From $151.14

One Of The Best 6×9 Speaker Under 100

Pioneer TS-D6902R 2 way car speakers


The Kevlar and basalt woofer cones of the TS-D6902R make sure that the quality of the sound does not degrade at all. It is a great set of speakers for good bass and they can be a great addition to your car’s audio system. Those who use these speakers find them to be awesome and they enjoy the quality of sound produced by them.

From $44.71

Best 6×9 Speaker With Great Bass Response

Kicker KS693 3 way speakers


These speakers are great if you want a system that will allow you to move from low to high sound levels without missing a beat. The speakers produce good quality sound. Kicker uses the EVCTM technology which ensures that the speakers produce the best bass response. The tweeters peak at 300 watts and the powerful sound produced by them are loved by those who want a great audio system for their car.

From $125

These are our top picks for 6 x 9 speakers 2017 you can buy for your car. If you are looking for car speakers with good bass, then you must go through our list and you will find a few that may be suitable for your car’s audio requirements. We have included speakers from a wide price range to ensure that you will find something that suits your budget. Each of this speaker is awesome in their own way.

Top Best 6 X 9 Speakers For Your Car 2017
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