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California Pizza Kitchen (CPK) stands as an emblem of culinary innovation and California-inspired cuisine, captivating taste buds worldwide with its unique pizzas and vibrant flavors. Since its inception in Beverly Hills in 1985, CPK has evolved into a global dining destination, renowned for its creative approach to pizza and commitment to quality ingredients.

Viet California Plant-Based BBQ Chicken Pizza
Plant-Based BBQ Chicken Pizza

At the heart of CPK’s success lies its dedication to crafting hand-tossed pizzas that reflect the diverse culinary landscape of California. From the iconic Original BBQ Chicken Pizza to the adventurous Thai Chicken Pizza, CPK’s menu boasts an array of flavorful options that cater to every palate.

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Beyond its pizzas, CPK offers a menu inspired by California’s vibrant food culture, featuring appetizers, salads, pastas, and desserts that celebrate fresh, locally sourced ingredients and innovative flavor combinations. Dishes like the California Club Pizza and BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad showcase the fusion of flavors that define California cuisine.

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But who owns California Pizza Kitchen? As of my last update in January 2022, CPK is owned by private equity firm Golden Gate Capital. Golden Gate Capital acquired CPK in 2011, bringing a new chapter of growth and expansion to the iconic restaurant chain.

Under Golden Gate Capital’s ownership, CPK has continued to thrive, expanding its reach and innovating in the culinary world while staying true to its California roots. With a focus on flavor, quality, and hospitality, CPK remains committed to providing guests with memorable dining experiences that celebrate the essence of California cuisine.

As CPK looks toward the future, it continues to uphold its legacy of culinary excellence and innovation, inviting diners to embark on a flavorful journey unlike any other. Whether you’re enjoying a meal at one of its stylish restaurants or savoring a slice of CPK pizza at home, you’re sure to taste the passion and creativity that have made California Pizza Kitchen a beloved culinary institution.

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